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Robyn Sullivan

Antiqued Violin, Amati Model

This smaller bodied violin has a sweet and strong voice with a full and even tone


"Motif" Label

RSV Shop Violin

European made violin, varnished and professionally set up by Robyn Sullivan.

Price $3000

*Currently at Chicago Strings


Robyn Sullivan

Amati Model VIOLIN

This smaller bodied violin has a surprisingly strong voice with a full and even tone, excellent for a player who wants their voice to stand out!

Price $5000

*Currently at Chicago Strings


Robyn Sullivan

16 5/8" Viola, Gofriller-Lee model

Larger bodied viola with a full, round, and warm sound that projects well.

Price $6000


Robyn Sullivan 15 3/4” viola, personal model. This slightly smaller viola combines playability with a full Resonant Tone

Price $6000

*Currently at Chicago Strings