Robyn Sullivan Violins

Repair Pricing


Pricing for repair and restoration work

To accurately assess what an instrument needs, I must see it and handle it physically.  I will give a full assessment and estimate for free and work with musicians to do what's best for their instrument and their budget. 

Cleaning/Polishing $50

Retouch $50-$100

Professional Violin/Viola Bridge $100, Cello $200

Student Grade Violin/Viola Bridge $65, Cello $125

Straighten or Cut down a bridge Violin/Viola $35, Cello $50

Glue Open Seams $40

New Violin/Viola Soundpost $65, Cello $80

Adjust Soundpost Violin/Viola $20, Cello $30

Fingerboard Dressings Violin/Viola $75, Cello $125

A more detailed pricing list is available upon request.